The Biggest Loser

Holy cow. Literally. I can't believe what an evil show The Biggest Loser is. Please promise me that if you watch this show, it's purely for entertainment value and that you will not use it as a personal model for weight loss.


Some excerpts from recaps of the show:

"After the meeting, Bob [the trainer] turned his frustration into an especially grueling workout for The Blue Team. They went to a school football field to run the stairs - over and over. Gary's knee conked out after one trip up the steep stairs. Maurice couldn't participate at all because of his bum ankle."

"Back at the house, both teams arrived to find a mountain of cupcakes in the living room. A card in front said: 'Whoever eats the most cupcakes in 15 minutes gets dinner at the beach with a loved one from home.'"

On top of all this, each "team" has it's own personal trainer, and the advice given by one often contradicts that of the other. If this show isn't enough to make the average fitness newbie throw in the towel and eat an entire chocolate cake, I don't know what is.