The Big Fat Apple

Is a person's height, age, and gender enough information to determine what that person's ideal weight should be? That's what the majority of doctors (including my own) seem to think.

If they're right, then I'm 20 lbs. overweight, according to the following website which calculates ideal body weight. (At least the site assures me that I should "feel good about myself" even though I'm overweight. Thank God!)

New York is the 21st fattest city in the country in 2004, according to Men's Fitness. (New Orleans is 22nd. How the heck are we fatter than New Orleans??) I wonder if all those "overweight" guys in Chelsea are the reason for our city achieving this dubious distinction.

This body mass index stuff is, in my opinion, a pile of garbage. I recommend a much more degrading technique: get naked in front of a mirror and bounce around -- whatever shakes that shouldn't shake is what you should lose. Just be sure to do this when no one else is around.