Cheap Massage

If you engage in any kind of fitness activity, getting a massage every once in a while is a must. (Come on, it's one of the few things that both feel good and are good for you.)

I recently got one from one of the Chinese-run massage places in the city. There I lay, naked with a towel barely covering me, with only partitions separating me from other clients. It didn't bother me until the masseuse straddled me in order to better use her weight to give a strong massage. It was a scene that could ruin a political career.

When the massage was over, that was when I saw the sign: "Please keep underwear on." Whoops.

Anyway, at least for the coming week (April 18 - April 24), you can get a cheap massage without having a Chinese woman straddle you. It's Spa Week! $50 for certain selected services. Check out the site to see what each place offers, and make your reservations now before spots fill up.