Someone got engaged tonight!

Before my club strength class tonight, a guy I never met before approached me and asked me to give a sealed envelope to his girlfriend Amy, who's a regular in the step class. He told me that the note inside had instructions for her to come to the front of the hotel, where he'd be waiting with a horse and carriage... and an engagement ring.

I asked him if he was SURE that she was going to be in class. He said that she really enjoys my class, and that she was definitely coming. Then he added that she could have been lying to him all along and in fact meeting up with another man instead of coming to step class. I told him that if that were indeed the case, I'd be more than happy come down and take her place in the carriage.

Well the infidelity twist would have made a great story, not to mention a nighttime horse and carriage ride would have been fun. Alas, Amy was in class after all, and I successfully delivered the envelope to her.

If you're reading this, Amy, email me with the details. Your fellow members and I are entitled to know how it went!

4/18/05 Update from Amy:

Thanks so much for helping out with the engagement - I was completely surprised!... When I finally showered and got outside the bldg Jed was standing there waiting for me in a tuxedo, with a dozen roses, and a white stretch limousine.  He tried to get a horse and carriage, but apparently New York has regulations about horses in the middle of midtown.

Inside the limo Jed handed me the dozen roses with one fake rose, where the bud was a ring box with a gorgeous ring inside....

We're planning to get married end of August in Chicago - where I'm from.  This is all very exciting!!  Thanks again for your help in the big surprise!