When in Rome....

I took two group fitness classes today at a club in Rome called Forum. One was floor aerobics and the other was step.

The floor aerobics class was a complete disaster, but I stuck through the whole thing in order to save face. In the end, I felt pretty good about my overall performance until I asked my friend "Did you see how well I did?" to which she responded "Um... I saw you."

The step class that followed was incredibly complicated. Just when I finally got the choreography down, the instructor goes "OK, now put the salad between the bread, and the sausage between the salad." (My Italian isn't perfect, but I'm pretty sure that's the proper translation.) It was meant to be an analogy to explain how to shift the choreography around... I think. Suffice it to say that from that point onward, things weren't pretty.

The instructor for both classes, Gil Lopes, was amazing. They were truly great classes. Although it's depressing to know that there are classes out there that can reduce me to fitness-nerd status, it's refreshing to know that the frontier of group fitness is so much further ahead than where I am now. I have much growing to do, and I look forward to one day telling you guys to take the sausage and stick it in the salad.