Big Fish in a Small Pond

My great friend and old fitness boss at the University of Virginia, Heather Layton, just sent me this picture today....

Allow me to explain. This picture was taken ten years ago. I was but a fledgling instructor at the University of Virginia. This was a special master class called "Divine Step," named after a club in the city called Club Divine. The DJ from the club ("DJ Inferno") was spinning live while my good friend Tina Terrado and I co-taught step to 75 people. (Tina and "Inferno" were dating.)

My attire is a poor attempt to look like a club kid, making me look more like a member of Menudo.

Man, those were the days. The very fact that I possessed Y-chromosomes and could clap to music catapulted me to fitness stardom.

And then came New York. Nothing like the big city to knock you down a few notches. But wow, does it feel great to remember my cockier, more innocent days.