Numbers (and tensions) rising.

Now that it's fall again, class numbers are starting to rise and the room is getting crowded. I've been having difficulty getting the clubs to put marks down on the floor for the steps. One reason I was given is that the floors need to be kept mark-free for promotional photo shoots.

I'm therefore going on the assumption that the marks will never happen. This doesn't mean that all hope for order in a crowded room is lost.

1) I saw to it that a trainer will once again be present to sign people into the room. Once class starts, this trainer will ask late-comers to wait until the warm-up and stretch are over. Then, if there's room, whoever is waiting can enter.

2) We need to be better about the positioning of steps. There should be four rows of steps, and each step should be diagonal to the steps around it, like a brick pattern. (I'll be the first person to enter the room, and I'll be helping keep the steps organized.)

I apologize to those of you who have been distracted or displaced by others searching for a free spot on the floor. Hopefully being a little more organized will help solve this problem.