For over two weeks now, I've been trying out a meal delivery program. I liked it a lot from the beginning, but I wanted to be sure it was good before recommending it to others. Well, I'm sure. (And no, I'm not getting any credit from them for referring others.)

Go to and check out the service. It's perfect for the busy New Yorker who doesn't have time to cook three healthy square meals a day. You tell them what your weight is and what your target weight is, and they decide on how many calories you should be eating per day.

I was concerned about the fact that I don't have a doorman. Not a problem. I gave them the key to my building, and the food is delivered right outside my apartment door. I was wondering how to handle special occasions like dinner with friends at a restaurant. Also not a problem. You can put individual meals or entire days on hold, to be credited at a later date.

You can try the service out for a week. If you decide you like it, you can renew on a monthly basis. Personally, I've been pleased with the food. I'm also impressed with how varied the menu is. In two weeks, no single item has been sent to me twice.

For me, this program has been a good way for me to behave (when I'm not stuffing my face at a holiday party). I figured it would be something you guys would be interested in as well.