Live longer and better

Want to increase the odds of living a longer life? How about increasing the quality of your life?

In what is a bit of advice overkill, an article called "15 Ways to Live Longer" gives you a lengthy but relatively simple checklist on what to focus on in order to ward off the Grim Reaper for as long as possible.

The items I would not have guessed to be on the list:
1) Don't oversleep
4) Get a pet
5) Get a VAP cholesterol test

The items that involve simple attitude adjustment:
2) Be optimistic
8) Chill out
12) Laugh a little
14) Meditate

The items that many who try to be healthy seem to know about:
7) Stop smoking
9) Eat your antioxidants
11) Exercise
13) Lose weight
14) Manage stress

And finally, the items we'd all like to achieve for reasons other than longevity:
3) Have more sex
6) Be rich
10) Marry well