Nike + iPod = :)

When the iPod started becoming all the rage, I tried using it a few times for group fitness classes. I eventually stopped because one important feature was missing: the ability to pitch the music faster or slower.

The latest news with Apple is that they're partnering with Nike. The idea is that Nike will sell an accelerometer that is placed inside a specially designed shoe, and a signal is sent to an attachment on the runner's iPod. Presumably the iPod will record running data which can then be synced on your computer in order to chart progress. (This is so friggin' cool that it almost makes me want to take up running. Too bad I hate to run.)

What excites me, however, is that the music on the iPod will supposedly be able to adjust its tempo to match the runner's pace. If Apple goes a step further and allows the tempo to be adjusted manually, the iPod will become HUGE in group fitness classes.

My fingers are crossed.