I'm too sexy

I worked out at the Boston Sports Club in Allston this afternoon. On the way to the locker room, I saw this poster on the wall:


It's a poster for a group exercise sample class, but wait a minute, who's that sexy beast in the upper right corner? Yes, that's me. It's from a shoot taken about five years ago.

My modeling career would make Janice Dickinson proud:

1) One shot of me was on a bike, taking a spinning class. My foot, from the ankle down, made it onto a poster.

2) Another shot of me was holding a boxing bag while a boxing instructor pounded the crap out of it. That one made it into the back of one of those pamphlets at the gym.

3) The above shot actually made it onto a poster at 44th & 5th a couple of years ago. There was a huge shot of a beautiful model-type person working out, and then there was a small inset at the bottom right corner with me on the step, as if to say "Look, average people like you can do step too!"