Greer Childers: 61, mother of three, bullshit artist

If there are two things I hate, it's people who have had way too much plastic surgery and people who take advantage of vulnerable overweight women to make money. I therefore can't stand Greer Childers because she hasn't had a facial expression in thirty years, and because she's the queen of bullshit fitness infomercials.

Perhaps you have already seen the above clip of her making an ass out of herself. (Thanks, Alona, for the reference.) It's from her BodyFlex+ video. What she's doing, apparently, is supercharging her blood with oxygen, causing fat to burn. Sounds like crap to me, and thank goodness it also sounded like crap to the FTC. They took Savvier Inc., Childers' company, to court to shut them up.

Unfortunately, she's at it again. This time her evil plan takes a slightly different form: Shapely Secrets.

Motionless exercise - it works just like it sounds. You stand still and you don't move. That's my kind of exercise!

The best part about the program is that it requires only seven minutes of your time a day!

Ladies and gentlemen, Greer Childers.