Simpler days, more complex hair

Alesia, the woman to the right in this picture, is one of the people responsible for training me as a step instructor for the University of Virginia's group fitness program (where I got my start teaching step).

Heather, unfortunately not pictured, was also responsible for my training. More importantly, however, she ran UVa's impressive fitness program more efficiently than most professional gyms are run today.

As it turned out, these women were also a blast to hang out with. As such, they became dear friends of mine. I even lived with them for a brief period of time.

In the above picture, Alesia and I (yes, that's me) are team-teaching a double-step class at a conference in Richmond, TWELVE years ago. If memory serves me, Alesia was sick as a dog that day. Halfway through our routine, she ran off stage to go throw up, leaving me on stage with no choreography left to teach. Memories!

Thanks to my friend Mark, for digging these picture up from God-knows-where and sending them to me.