Permanent schedule change

NYSC recently made the decision to move the coordinating of group exercise classes from an office in midtown into the clubs themselves. In my opinion, this is a very good thing. Since the "Group Exercise Coordinators" are on site, they will be much more in tune with the needs of the club with respect to fitness classes.

A downside to this restructuring is that GECs are required to teach four classes per week. Since these must be classes already on the schedule, that means the classes have to be taken from instructors already teaching them.

This is all a long-winded way for me to say that I won't be teaching the 7:30pm TBC on Monday evenings, starting this coming Monday. There's a possibility that I'll eventually get the class back, but for the time being it's no longer mine. Keep in mind that the class is still on -- it's just being taught by Bianca from now on.

Not the end of the world. At least they didn't take a step class. Phew!