Kevin Trudeau: scumbag

Did you know that natural cures for everything from Attention Deficit Disorder to depression to diabetes exist right under our noses? Are you aware that bodies with high pH are immune to cancer?

The FDA, drug companies, and the American government are all conspiring to keep information like this from you. At least that’s what Kevin Trudeau tells us in his book “Natural Cures ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know About!” Rest assured, readers -- this piece of literature blows the lid off this conspiracy and exposes these “natural cures” for all of us to finally use.

So throw away those antidepressants. Get rid of that insulin. Say goodbye to that pesky chemotherapy. The answers to your problems are in your kitchen cupboard!

Kevin Trudeau is someone who has made a lucrative career out of giving people false hopes, causing many of them to follow treatments which have seriously compromised their health. (Almost every claim he has made has been debunked.) Do yourself a favor and steer clear of anything written by this jackass.