PETA vs. cow milk

PETA spokesperson. Coincidence?

The conditions in dairy farms today are such that cows being used for milk undergo quite a bit of suffering. PETA has a solution that will decrease demand for cow milk as well as improve human health: say no to the udder and yes to the human teat.

PETA has gone as far as writing a letter to Ben and Jerry’s Homemade Inc., urging the owners to make the switch to breast milk. (I’m not sure what the response was, but I can take a good guess.)

Although in theory the idea makes sense, in practice it’s more than a little disturbing. Sure, consuming the milk without gagging will be a challenge, but more importantly, how the hell are we going to collect it? Donations? Women farms?

The root of PETA’s overall mission is a good one. It’s a shame that the organization is run by a bunch of nuts.