The fittest and the fattest

fat miamiMen's Health just completed its 11th annual survey of 50 of the most populated U.S. cities to rank them by how fit or fat they are. The fittest? Salt Lake City. This is surprising until you check out its "report card" and see that it has a large amount of park space, a low obesity rate, and a high level of sport participation.

The fattest? Miami. Why? To quote the article, "The area also has 79% more gyms and health clubs than average, but residents are less likely than average to regularly use their memberships."

How did New York City fare? Surprisingly badly. It's the 5th fattest city. With a huge park, lots of dining options, and people walking everywhere, you'd think we'd score better than that. It turns out than per capita, we're quite low on park space and health food stores, and our commutes are much more stressful than average. (Thank you, MTA!)