Oprah in the crosshairs... FINALLY

oprahOprah Winfrey has become one of the most powerful voices in entertainment today. What she declares she likes instantly turns to gold. The problem is that a lot of what she likes is pseudo-scientific bullshit, and no one has had the balls to challenge her questionable endorsements.... until now. Newsweek has come out with an excellent article, taking Oprah to task for the many ridiculous gimmicks that have been promoted on her show. Among the quackery that's received Oprah's blessing:

• Suzanne Somers injects estrogen directly into her vagina (or "va-jay-jay," as Oprah would say) in order to stay young. • Dr. Christiane Northrup says that thyroid disorders result from a lifetime of "'swallowing' words one is aching to say." • Jenny McCarthy ignores scientific studies and insists vaccinations cause autism.  (Soon she'll have her own talk show.  Guess who's producing it!) • The Secret.

In all fairness to Ms. Winfrey, the article gives her a thumbs-up for her diet and fitness tips.  "Eat nutritious foods and exercise," say her experts.  Well, at least she got that much right.