Flu season... it's gettin' ugly

shotIf you've been noticing fewer people at work or at the gym, it's not your imagination. We're getting nailed with a particularly bad flu season this winter. (If you want to see how scary it is, go here and see how the map changes in the past two months.) It's gotten so bad that Boston has declared a public health emergency. There are several theories as to why the spread of the virus is so severe. Many are not getting vaccinated, either due to unfounded fears that it's toxic or simply due to complacency from a mild flu season last year. Furthermore, each season's vaccine only immunizes against a handful of strains, and it appears the strains that were chosen are not matching up well with the strains currently infecting people in huge numbers.

So you can eat healthy, get exercise, and get plenty of rest, but if a booger-covered child sneezes on your subway car, you're getting sick. The single best thing you can do to protect yourself is to get vaccinated, even if the vaccine isn't perfect. Remember, it isn't a decision that only affects you. It's a decision that affects your community, especially in a city as tightly packed as New York.