When bottled isn't good enough....

If you find yourself thirsty in the East Village and you have $2.50 burning a hole in your pocket , stop in to Molecule for a to-go cup of... water. New York city water, which is some of the best you can get when it comes to tap water, is simply not good enough for the folks at Molecule. They run it through a huge, expensive filtration system and serve the final product to its customers.

"It's about treating water a little more consciously, mindfully and respectfully," says a co-owner of the "water cafe." If only they treated their customers the same way.

What would you do for fuller lashes?

Woman eyeVictims of "eyelash hypotrichosis" (inadequate or thin eyelashes) need not suffer a moment longer. The miracle of modern science brings you Latisse, a treatment you apply directly to your eyelids to cure this most heinous affliction. Funny thing about Latisse -- it used to be a glaucoma medicine called Lumigan. When applied to the lashes instead of the eye, it makes them grow.

The problem is that rebranding a drug doesn't make its original effect go away. When not used properly, the consequences can be as harmless as brown iris pigmentation (which is still undesirable) and as serious as bacterial keratitis (which can result in blindness).

Let Brooke Shields use this crap. If you want full lashes, get false ones.


365black"Like the unique African Baobab tree, which nourishes its community with its leaves and fruit, McDonald's has branched out to the African-American community nourishing it with valuable programs and opportunities." This has to be a joke. I'm not African-American, and I'M offended by what is a clearly a marketing strategy to target black people.

On the feedback page, they make several statements and ask visitors to the site if they agree or disagree.  An example of one such statement is: "McDonald’s is a brand that gets me."

Strongly disagree.