It's looking like the city is going to get hit with some nasty weather in the coming days, and the clubs are anticipating possible closures. At this point, nothing is certain, but as soon as I find out for sure (presumably Monday morning), I'll post what I know.

UPDATE (Sunday evening): With the closure of the subways and the evacuation of low-lying areas, it's almost certain that classes on Monday evening are canceled. The way things are looking, classes might even be canceled on Tuesday.

UPDATE (Monday morning): Just got the official word from the club. All classes are canceled for Monday, 10/29.

UPDATE (Tuesday morning): From TSI: "ALL NYSC locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx are closed until further notice. We will know more about a plan for tomorrow after 4pm this afternoon. We will continue to update you with any changes as decisions are made. There is no need to start seeking subs for any classes at this point in time."

UPDATE (Tuesday evening): 49th & Broadway will be open tomorrow morning, so that means class on Thursday is definitely ON. Not sure who will be there or how I'll get there, but I'll be there. 36th & Madison will still be closed tomorrow, but if it opens before Saturday, I'll be teaching my Saturday morning classes as well.

Goodnight, Irene

You can mess with my beach trip, but don't mess with my classes! This storm is working my last nerve. Alas, I am no longer subbing for Karen Sunday morning. Please check back to see if Saturday classes are even on. As of now, I am planning to teach them, but that would obviously change if NYSC cancels classes and/or closes clubs.

Stay safe, everyone!

UPDATE: Classes are ON!!

Studio change

It was only a matter of time before the Crowne Plaza renovation eventually spread into our beloved studio. Starting Thursday, 1/27, all classes in Studio 1 will be moved downstairs to Studio 2. It is anticipated that this change will last a little over a week, so on Monday, 2/7, we should be back home in Studio 1. I hate to turn people away, but Studio 2 is significantly smaller than Studio 1, so I may be forced to put a limit on how many people I let in. To minimize the chaos, please try to show up to class a little earlier and form a line.

This renovation is working my last nerve, as I'm sure it is for all of you. The one thing keeping me going, though, is that the club is indeed going to be significantly nicer when all this mess is done. I hope you agree that the much needed facelift to our studio makes it worth the inconvenience of being displaced for a few classes.

The weather outside is frightful...

TUESDAY: I called West 16th St., and all seems to be back to normal. Please check back closer to class time. If this message hasn't changed, classes are on. MONDAY:UPDATE: 49th & Broadway is closed this evening!!! I'm so sorry for those of you who got this message too late and headed in to class, but I specifically called this morning to make sure that the club would be open and that my classes were on. Apparently I was misinformed.

Many thanks to one of my loyal step children, Lisa, who decided to shoot me an email to let me know what was going on.

Giving up Fridays

After teaching the 6pm step class on Fridays at 80th and Broadway for over 12 years now, I've decided it's finally time to give the class up. Numbers haven't been at the level I'd like them to be, and the regular 5 days/week teaching schedule has become a little overwhelming. Rest assured that everything else on my schedule will remain as is for the foreseeable future.

See you in class!

Possible schedule changes

IMG_2752The group exercise schedule is going to change in January. I'm playing with the idea of dropping my Thursday and Friday single step classes and replacing them with a double class (step, TBC) on Wednesdays at 49th & Broadway. If I indeed make this schedule change, I hope it won't disrupt too many of your routines. I would hate to lose even one of my beloved step children!

Wishing you all a happy holiday and a healthy new year!!

UPDATE: As it turns out, there will be no schedule changes for me this cycle. Oh well. Sorry for the false alarm!